Rebate Program

Effective 7/1/18, the District is offering a rebate program for the following:

Low Flow Toilet – 1.6 GPF or less.1/2 Purchase price, max $100.00
High Efficiency Front Load Washing Machine.$50.00
Instant Hot Water Unit-- goes in under the sink.1/2 Purchase price, max $75.00
Rain Water Collection System. District Rain Barrels do not count1/2 Purchase price, max $100.00

Max $200.00
Any Commercial or multiple units requesting rebate from above categories, will be on a case by case basis.1/2 Purchase price, max $200.00

All Rebates must be approved by the General Manager and must include proof of purchase and installation and there will be no repeat rebates allowed for a minimum of 5 years. Within any fiscal year, the maximum total rebate is $250.00 per property.

Proof of Purchase is a copy of the receipt that shows the cost of the item. We will not accept a copy of a bill from the person installing the item as proof of purchase. Their bill is for proof of installation only. Labor and Installation is not included in the rebate.

Rebates for any commercial or multi-family units will be on a case by case basis, approved by the Board of Directors.